Rainbow Symphony has been a leading manufacturer of paper-framed glasses for over thirty years. FOCALEYES® feature a patented new “Opti-lens” technology that’s a low cost solution to traditional eyeglass lenses. They offer precise magnification to enhance your seeing experience without the high cost of prescription glasses.

If you haven’t tried FOCALEYES® you’re missing out on one of the fastest, most effective ways to enhance your reading.

Up until now, if you wanted to improve your vision you had to go to an eye doctor, take an eye exam, then pay a lot of money for prescription glasses or at best, spend a fair amount of money on generic magnifiers. Either way you lose them and you’re out a significant investment. Not anymore! FOCALEYES reading glasses provide a quality reading experience for just a couple of dollars a pair.

Even though they don’t take the place of regular eye exams and prescription glasses, they do solve many common reading problems quickly and inexpensively.