BRANDABLE READING GLASSES with your designs, copy and logos, FOCALEYES® offers a tremendous opportunity for your company. Customized colors and logos are available for an “eye-catching” promotional item that will be used over and over for years to come.

Custom printed FOCALEYES®  eyewear with company names and logos are ideal for corporate promotions, co-op advertising and large events with multiple sponsors. Inexpensive enough to give away, FOCALEYES® are the perfect promotional item.

The variety of custom styles and colors will amaze: from high fashion black carbon fiber to psychedelic swirls, to specific styles designed for your particular industry – you are guaranteed to get the beautiful looking eyewear you desire.

Brandable Reading Glasses

CORPORATIONS KNOW THE POWER of a properly placed logo.  Customized orders with your company name and logo are an inexpensive way to promote your organization.

Restaurants and hotels, airlines, optometrists, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, sewing and fishing stores, non-profits and NGO’s are just a few of the businesses and organizations that can benefit from this cost-effective yet memorable give-away.

FOCALEYES® are brandable reading glasses  that gets used over and over again. Whether it’s our outdoor extreme glasses or simply a passenger on a plane reading in low light, FOCALEYES® delivers a high value solution. ATTRACTIVE AND DURABLE…no matter where you find yourself, FOCALEYES® fit right in.