SEEING CAN TRANSFORM A LIFE…or a village. In many third world countries FOCALEYES® offers life transforming vision enhancement at affordable costs…and can even provide jobs.

Many countries need better eye-care systems. FOCALEYES® doesn’t take the place of proper eye care but can help solve many seeing issues in a quick, inexpensive transformative way…

In developing countries, where optometrists are sometimes scarce or non-existent, FOCALEYES® offers philanthropic groups a cost-effective solution to a major problem – lack of corrective eyewear. For a nominal fee, these organizations can provide corrective eye wear when many times there are no other options.

In the developing countries job opportunities are many times a rare commodity. Our Business-in-a-box model is designed to create micro-businesses as well as provide vital eye care to villages across the globe. Our product comes in a box, along with our eye test chart that allows the user to pick the glasses that work best for their needs.

Individuals as well as philanthropic organizations will enjoy the simplicity and pleasure of helping others see better with FOCALEYES®.